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Protecting your Wilderness Areas
Express your support for the work that we do by becoming a MEMBER of ESWA. Fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM (right).

You can make your gift in any of several ways. A quick online donation helps us carry out our regular projects that help the US Forest Service protect Wilderness. To provide longer term support, consider a gift to the ESWA Endowment Fund, described below.  

Your contributionsProvide matching funds that are required to obtain grants to supplement USFS projects.
•	Purchase equipment, materials, and food for our many trailmaintain the trails in three Wildernesses
•	Enhance education of Wilderness visitors
•	Publish newsletters and other forms of communication
Make a quick donation here, and if you have comments or special instructions for us, send us an email.
In addition to the usual route for donating directly to our general operating budget, you can now make a gift to the ESWA Endowment Fund, the earnings of which will provide support for ESWA for many years to come.
  • Endowment Fund details are HERE (pdf).
  • Briefly, the Endowment Fund comprises two separate subfunds, an Unrestricted Fund and the Schuette Family Endowment Fund, a Donor Advised Fund created by Barbara and John Schuette in memory of their son John "Beau" Schuette, a local resident and lover of wilderness, whose life was cut short in 2017 by an undiagnosed heart condition. If you want your donation to become part of the endowment fund (either Unrestricted subfund or Schuette Family subfund), just mark the checkbox (otherwise, your gift will become part of our annual operating budget). If you choose the endowment fund, we will contact you to explain your options, which are: 1. The Unrestricted Fund: Earnings will be placed in the ESWA annual operating budget. 2. The Schuette Family Fund, in honor of Beau Schuette: Earnings will be used for awards to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps workers in Eagles Nest Wilderness and other projects as determined by the Schuette family. 3. A Donor Advised fund of your own creation ($10,000 minimum). Contact us for details.
    We offer several different membership levels:
    $25 			Lily Pad				
    $50		        Piney Lake		
    $100			Cataract Lake				
    $250			Ptarmigan Peak	
    $500		        Eagles Nest
    $1000 			Mount Powell			
    $2500 or more	 Holy Cross
    Your name: Mailing address (street/PO Box, town, zip, state): Phone number(s): Email: Comments – Tell us about your background and interests. How did you hear about ESWA?

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