Volunteer – Trail Projects

The THE 2020 TRAIL & CAMPSITE WORK SCHEDULE is being put together by Trail Bosses TIM DRESCHER and DAVE BREWSTER, in consultation with our US Forest Service Liaisons CINDY EBBERT and KATHERINE BAZAN.

The 2019 season was a big success. It was a busy summer...
OVERNIGHT PROJECTS headed deep into the backcountry, led by Tim Drescher. Gear was packed by our two llamas - Dom and Powell. 
July 12-14 - Eagles Nest Wilderness Overnight with llamas (Slate Lakes, Summit County)
August 9-11 - Eagles Nest Wilderness Overnight with llamas (Gore Creek, Eagle County)

DAY PROJECTS June 8 - National Trails Day with FDRD (Salt Lick Trail) June 28 - Deluge Lake Trail ( Ken Harper) July 4 and July 10- Gore Creek Trail ( Tim Drescher) July 13 - Weed Pull with the Sierra Club on SALT LICK TRAIL ( Jim Alexander) July 26 - Deluge Lake Trail ( Ken Harper) August 13 - Gore Creek Trail ( Tim Drescher) August 23 - Deluge Lake Trail ( Ken Harper) August 24 - Lily Pad Lake Trail Bridge Construction
Our stewardship mission includes a commitment to help maintain our wilderness trails. With picks, shovels, saws and rock bars our volunteer trail crews repair damage, construct drainage improvements, install signage and remove illegal campsites. ESWA is the only volunteer group doing this much-needed work exclusively in our wilderness areas. All of our projects are done on weekends during the summer hiking season.
Coordinating with the Forest Service, ESWA runs two types of trail maintenance projects: daytime and overnight pack-in projects.
Day Projects are generally conducted on a Saturday. NO REGISTRATION is needed – just show up. We gather at the Dillon Ranger District Office in Silverthorne at 8 AM to organize and carpool to the trailhead. Tools and safety equipment are provided. Volunteers bring their own lunch, plenty of water and any other gear needed for a day on the trail. We generally work until mid-afternoon and conclude the day with tailgate refreshments provided by ESWA.
Pack-in Projects. REGISTRATION is necessary (contact Tim Drescher or Dave Brewster). For these projects we typically hike in to a campsite on Friday; do our trail work on Saturday and hike back out on Sunday. This format enables us to work much deeper in the wilderness than a day project would allow. All of our tools, heavier camping gear and common refreshments are packed in to the campsite by our llamas, Dom and Powell. Volunteers supply their own camping gear and food. ESWA supplies common snacks and liquid refreshments.

Wilderness regulations limit our volunteer work parties to groups no larger than 15 people. For day projects, we can handle more people by splitting up into smaller groups. This is not possible for our pack-in projects, so reservations are required to participate in pack-in projects.

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